United Insurance Agency of MI, is a full-service independent insurance agency, dedicated to providing you with the Best Service and Quality. If your insurance rates have gone up in the past, you might be PAYING TOO MUCH! You will never know if you are paying more than you need UNLESS YOU COMPARE. It's money that you are already spending that you may save.

Insurance companies provides all the basic insurance coverages to meet the needs of the small business owner and contractor:

The Basics of Business Insurance

Liability Coverage- Insures against bodily injury, property damage, personal injury and advertising injury. Buildings and Business Personal Property Coverage- Provides replacement cost coverage for buildings and most business personal property. (Property coverage is optional for contractors) Loss of Income and Extra Expense- Protects loss of business income resulting from uninsured loss. Insurance companies insure your net income and continuing normal operating expenses, including payroll, for up to 12 months One of Insurance Company, Main Street America, goes beyond a typical business owners policy by providing increased limits and many extra coverage’s. It also automatically includes employee practices liability and identity theft insurance, which address some of the biggest concerns of small business owners today. Also MSA offer many additional options at minimum extra charge to provide both depth and breadth in your insurance coverage, as well as these endorsements: Main Line Extension Endorsement- Features a blanket limit of $150,000, covering accounts receivable, electronic data and computers, debris removal, personal property of others, and valuable papers and records. Contractors Inland Marine Endorsement- Provides coverage for leased, rented or borrowed equipment, and replacement cost for contractor`s tools COMERCIAL AUTO INSURANCE Your company vehicle is an important asset to your business, so you want to make sure it is adequately insured. Business use exposures for auto may not be covered under a personal auto policy; check with your agency to see if you need commercial auto coverage. Aour agency can also tell you about our target class discounts, and additional insurance enhancements and options. KEEPING YOUR WORKERS COVERED Providing statutory coverages for medical and lost wage benefits is an essential part of any business portfolio. Consider our workers compensation coverage,and meet all your commercial insurance needs with our reliable carriers. AN ADDITIONAL LAYER OF PROTECTION Our commercial umbrella policy providing an extra layer of protection. When you insure without business owners policy and commercial auto products, commercial umbrella is available to protect your assets against catastrophic lawsuits. CLAIM SERVICE You need your insurance company the most after sustaining a loss. Our insurance companies claim service delivers on our promise for fast,efficient and personal claim service. You can be sure we will be there when you need us to help you get back to business quickly. Convenient Payment Options We have several options available for your premium payments: Bill pay on line or by phone. You can use your credit card, ATM debit card, check card or elektronic check to conveniently pay. Elektronic Funds Transfer. Your checking or savings account is automatically debited each month. Planning for your peace of mind. planning is an essential part of any business- whether it is to decide what inventory to purchase, what project to take on or whom to hire. Business planning should include protecting what you have worked so hard to achieve. That`s why good insurance coverage is so important If you are a business owner who depends on one vehicle or a garage full to drive your business, a commercial policy can help you protect your livelihood. And it could actually save you money compared to a personal auto policy. Consider a commercial policy if you need coverage for: Ownership types such as partnerships, corporations or sole proprietors with DBA. Employees to drive your business vehicles. Up to 20 vehicles we`ll cover them on one policy Higher limits than you can get with a personal auto policy. We offer up to $1 million combined single limit. The pick up or delivery of goods or people. Unlimited visits to job sites. vehicles or supplies and equipment of any size or weight. Key coverages for commercial customers. From rental reimbursement to temporary vehicle coverage to roadside assistance, our insurance agency will help you create a customized commercial policy to suit all your business needs. And with our broad acceptance of drivers, we`ll help you get coverage for all your employees. Many vehicles used solely for personal travel are not covered under most personal auto policies because of corporate ownership, vehicle size and type or higher limit needs. Get coverage for nearly any business vehicle, from small cars to large dumps to oversized pick ups and more. Got a claim? Get back in business fast. If your business vehicles are does not for repair, getting back on the road is your first priority. With our industry leading claims service, you will get the attention you deserve and the speedy service you need to get your vehicles back on the road and back in business.